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Fallis Family Scholarship for the Arts

Applications Now Open: deadline Friday, July 26, 2024


The Fallis Scholarship for the Arts was created by the Durham Art Gallery with the aim of fostering art and nurturing artists in the regions of Grey and Bruce Counties.

Through this scholarship program, the Durham Art Gallery has commited to providing support to youth artists from Indigenous, Black, and People of Color (IBPOC) backgrounds.


  • Applicants must have been accepted or enrolled in an arts program at a recognized post-secondary institution.

  • The applicant must be a resident of the Grey-Bruce region.

  •  The scholarship may not be awarded more than once to any applicant.


  1. 3 digital images of the applicant’s original artwork (*see Image directions below)

  2. A 250-word artistic statement

  3. A copy of an acceptance letter and proof of enrolment in a fine-arts program at a post-secondary institution

  4. A current CV (a resume highlighting artistic experience)

  5. A letter of reference

  6. A completed application form, (including image list)


Application packages must be sent to with the subject line: “Fallis Scholarship Application”.

2023 Winners

Rhiannon Walker

Artist Statement:

My name is Rhiannon Walker and I am an Industrial Design student currently studying at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. I have just completed my first of four years in the Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Industrial Design) program and am looking forward to continuing in a program that excites and challenges me as a designer and artist. Before entering the Industrial Design program, I completed a 2 year diploma in Visual and Creative arts at Sheridan. During this time, I was able to refine various skills, from painting to digital media and quickly discovered my passion: 3D design. I love the design process, which allows me to take even the wildest idea and refine it into a final product that anyone can touch and interact with. I find it rewarding to see a concept come to life after starting as a sketch. I enjoy designing housewares like chairs and lighting, but I also have an interest in installation and sculptural design that I hope to further explore. A large focus of my work and intention is influenced by the knowledge that my creations have an impact on the world and environment around us. I am very passionate about environmentally conscious design and I’m looking forward to integrating these values into my future as an Industrial Designer. I understand the weight of the responsibility of putting things out into the world, and aim to create things that positively impact humans and the world.

Rhiannon Walker.jpg

Madison Mulasmajic

Artist Statement:

Design and creation has always been something that I’ve had a passion for. From everyday objects like the design of the furniture and appliances in my home, to larger scale subjects like the buildings and places I would frequent. I found particular interest in local parks, the communal areas of our downtown and the upcoming houses in our neighbourhood. I have always admired and appreciated the purpose, design, and details that are involved in every aspect of these subjects. Through my selected submission pieces, I hope to convey not only my admiration and interest for structures and architecture, but that I am also proficient in a variety of mediums and techniques. I chose to feature pieces where I challenged myself with mediums that I am unfamiliar with and had to experiment with. The Environmental Design program I’ve been accepted into will enable me to use these skills to design and create environments that harmonize diversity, environmental consciousness and effectiveness. I believe access to this community will be crucial for the advancement of my abilities, knowledge and skills regarding innovation and design. Apart from becoming educated in the development and presentation of design, I also look forward to studying and implementing topics such as history of modern design and architecture and accessible design. I consider it integral to design spaces with a high regard for the natural environment, and will strive to demonstrate this with my own concepts by implementing eco conscious practices and sustainable design. Along with improving the wellbeing of the community as a whole, I seek to enhance the way our community interacts and engages with one another.

Madison Mulasmajic 2023 Scholarship winner.jpg
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