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Don't Let Me Be Lonely

by Emily Kewageshig

Curator: Jaclyn Quaresma

July 1, 2021 - November 1, 2021

Don't Let Me Be Lonely is a public art exhibition that consists of six (6) billboards situated in remote, yet well-travelled rural roads across GreyBruce and Wellington. This collaboration between Durham Art Gallery and Emily Kewageshig is an accessible alternative to the in-house exhibition for both rural communities and travellers alike to safely see art, without the necessity of internet access.


 Publication | .PDF 

Exhibition Locations: (Click HERE for a link to the interactive map)

  1. Hampden: County Road 3 - CR 3, 1.1 km S of Concession Road 18 - Northbound

  2. Topcliff: County Road 4 - CR 4, 1.4 km W of Bootjack Ranch Rd - Westbound

  3. Chelsey: County Road 10 - CR 10, 2.5 km north of Sideroad 7, on the opposite side of Hwy - Southbound, in partnership with Grey Bruce Community Foundation 

  4. Arthur: Hwy 6 - Upper - Hwy 6 at Side Road 9 - Northbound 

  5. Arthur: Hwy 6 - Upper - Hwy 6, 800 m N of Wells St - Northbound

  6. Owen Sound: Hwy 26 - 620m E of Billy Bishop Airport - Eastbound, In partnership with Grey Roots Museum and Archives (Postponed, please check back in for the special launch!)

The great care the community has taken to safely distance themselves and support the health of our greater community has been welcome, however, it also means our community faces record levels of loneliness, especially for those living without reliable internet service. The fading of community has resulted from the caring act of self-isolation, maintaining a bubble and physical distancing. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely is a physical response to COVID-19, exploring alternative programming that surpasses the barrier of internet access for those living in remote locations. 

Emily Kewageshig is an emerging Anishinaabe artist who was raised in Saugeen First Nation. Emily was the 2020 recipient of the Fallis Scholarship of the Arts, a scholarship that is currently dedicated to IBPOC youth living in so-called GreyBrue. She explores the narrative of her nation through painting, beading and object-making. Her work consists of bold lines, bright colours, and symbolism which is inspired by traditional Ojibwe Woodland artists and Indigenous worldview. Her vivid images will both challenge and enhance the environs in which they will be placed. In Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Kewageshig’s imagery gestures towards an antidote for loneliness through the connection of beings, as well as the connection between being and the land.

Emily is the 2020 recipient of the Durham Art Gallery Fallis Scholarship of the Arts. Durham Art Gallery supports youth artists in many ways, another of which is the Fallis Scholarship of the Arts. This scholarship is dedicated to IBPOC youth living in so-called GreyBruce. Applications are now online at

Durham Art Gallery acknowledges the support of Ontario Arts Council and the Arts Response Initiative Grant, Grey Roots Museum and Archive, the Grey Bruce Community Foundation and Price Billboards.


The Durham Art Gallery would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Community of Foundation Grey Bruce and Grey Roots Museum & Archives

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