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Current Exhibition

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'EUPHORIA': A Juried Art Exhibit

February 17 2024 - April 14 2024
Opening Reception: February 17 2024, 2 - 4pm

Euphoria is defined as a feeling of well-being or elation, the word is derived from the Greek word euphoros, meaning ‘healthy’. Research aptly shows that both creating and enjoying art can boost mood, lower anxiety, improve immune strength, and thereby induce a natural state of euphoria. Be it the ephemeral beauty of a sunset, the undefinable intimacy of a portrait or the conceptual exploration of a new idea, art makes life a little bit better. Art can also help to communicate an experience where words often fail, and as Leo Tolstoy once suggested, art can be “…the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced”. This exhibition invites artistic submissions that reflect on this idea and the artist’s unique interpretation of euphoria.

Prize Categories

  • Best of Show

  • People's Choice

  • Fiber/Textiles

  • Photography

  • Painting & Mixed-Media

  • 3D

  • Works on Paper

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The Winners

Meet the Judges

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