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Past Unleash your Pen! Dynamic Writing Workshop

 September 30th  |  1 – 4pm 

Many writers new to the craft don’t know how to get started. In this three-hour workshop, Cindy Matthews, local award-winning author of the short story collection Took You So Long, will take participants through three distinct writing exercises that can later be repeated at home.
Suitable for beginners and blocked writers alike, participants will spend much of the session writing and then sharing their thoughts about process. Be prepared to both work and have fun!

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September 30th

1 – 4pm




Cindy Matthews 

Coming this Spring 2024

The Roach Family and Other Stories by Cindy Matthews
Taking place in Canada, the deeply flawed characters in The Roach Family and Other Stories share one thing in common: they strive to fit in. A malingering mother pays an agonizing visit to her ex-husband, his boyfriend, the narrator, and a tank of hissing roaches. A first-time mother blunders upon self-doubt and finger-pointing after leaving her infant behind at a support group meeting. A previously voiceless child discovers he can communicate. Organizers of a writers’ festival determine that food allergies do matter. A grieving mother uses unconventional means to appease her sorrow.”

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