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Durham ArtsFest

A vibrant celebration of creativity and community!

Durham Artsfest 2023  was a full day of activities, including artist vendors, musical performances, puppet shows, and more. Artists showcased their work at the Tent Village on Mill St., where art demonstrations and sales took place throughout the day.

Participants engaged in puppet-making for a parade, mural painting, chalk drawing, and other interactive activities. Musical performances by talented artists like Saugeen Rhythm and Cousin Molly entertained the crowds at Veteran's Memorial Park and Studio A on Garafraxa St. N.


One of the highlights was the enchanting puppet show "Hansel and Gretel" presented by Ena Bruce and Anna Gruda at Veteran's Memorial Park. The Sauntering Band and the Puppet parade took everyone on a delightful journey through the streets of Durham, ending at the renowned Durham Art Gallery.

The evening festivities commenced with a licensed reception at the Durham Art Gallery, featuring delicious treats from Spanky's BBQ food truck and live music by Tim, Barb, and Friends, who filled the air with delightful session tunes.

Thank You

to all those who participated!

Durham ArtsFest brought together art, music, and the spirit of the community in a memorable event that celebrated creativity and brought joy to all who attended.

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